Hey you! Thank you so much for stumbling across my page, I hope you’re going to have fun here! My name is Helina, I’m 23 years old and I’m originally from Estonia. I moved the the United Kingdom three years ago to make my dreams come true as it is filled with many more opportunities than Estonia is, since it is such a small country. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Estonia and hopefully one day it will be a country that is making lots of people’s dreams come true. It is always so precious going back home and I will always treasure those moments and my small amazing country.

I am interested in SO MANY things! When I lived in Estonia, I loved playing the piano and I went to a music school in my city. It was a massive passion of mine. Instead of just stopping with music, I decided to look into events management and marketing in England, which I now love so much. Marketing is something I want to do as my career and I am so excited. I finished my BA (Hons) Marketing with Events Management degree and got First Class! This led me onto masters in International Management, where I gained a £5000 worth scholarship! I’m so excited to broaden my knowledge in another field.

I am a massive cat lady. I have a cat back home in Estonia named Killu and I love him more than anything in the world. I would take a bullet for him. He’s the most precious lil bean in the world and I will always protect him, even when I’m far away.

I’m also a massive lover of pizza. There is NOTHING better. Two years ago I became vegetarian as I cannot even imagine eating innocent animals that I love so much. I am making a conscious effort to make more vegan options to hopefully become vegan one day! Anyway, my point was that vegetarian pizza is AWESOME! There are so many flavours and it is just so yummy. Of course you can just order a Margherita, which to be honest is equally amazing.

When I moved to England, I started a YouTube channel! Well, I had this channel before and I uploaded travelling videos, which I never wanted to be in myself or talk in. Now that channel is a little bit of everything. Beauty, fashion, lifestyle AND travelling. I guess I found some confidence when I moved here and I am enjoying putting some videos out there so much! If you’d like to show your support (which I would appreciate greatly), check out my channel & hit the lil subscribe button!

I also started a blog during my final year at university. I worked for my university to produce blog posts that other students would enjoy reading and that they would engage with. I no longer blog on that, but if you’d like to see the fab posts on there, check it out!

This is all I’m going to bore you with today.

– Helina x