Hello! 👋🏼 Welcome to the little graphic design corner of my website. I graduated with a First Class Marketing degree from the University of Birmingham and ever since then, graphic design and digital marketing have been close to my heart. So close that I even went out and gained a Chartered Institute of Marketing certificate in Digital Essentials with distinction. Can you tell I love designing and digital communications yet?

So, I have dedicated all of my free time to designing logos, headers, leaflets, recipe booklets, brochures, product labels, wedding invitations, business cards, posters, resumes, wallpapers and manuals, you name it. I do most of my work freelancing with DreamFrog Media, which is a digital agency based in Birmingham. If you ever need a website made, I can promise you they will make all of your website dreams come true, with me handling the website layout and SEO to ensure your readers and viewers are happy. The rest of the graphic designs are all created by yours truly – me! Check out the website for some examples of my previous work. Feel free to email me personally for quotes for any designs you need.

I have done lots of affordable work for bloggers and YouTubers individually too. I often create branding packages for bloggers as maintaining a cohesive branding across all platforms is essential to ensure your readers, consumers and/or viewers remember you.  The general branding package includes a logo, an additional shortened logo for square formats i.e. social media icons, a header, a media kit, up to 10 Instagram highlight covers, suggested colour scheme, suggested VSCO filters for your photos, suggested fonts. All of this is based on your already existing images and style. I will put everything together myself by figuring out your vibes from your content. Easy breezy for you! Prices start from as affordable as £25 for the entire package.

If you want a quote for anything at all, drop me an email! I can create pretty much anything and the price highly depends on what you’re looking for, but trust me, it’s a lot more affordable than what some major worldwide agencies out there offer. 

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